BlockFi Enters California, Now Lending in 44 States


BlockFi approaches lending from the perspective of our customers. What do people look for in a lender? It always comes back to ease, speed, and affordability. But even before that, we need to be where our customers are.

Today we’re excited to announce that BlockFi is now lending in California, opening up our cryptoasset-backed lending product to one of the largest crypto markets in the U.S. Our emphasis on working with state governments and lawmakers to create long-term relationships is paying off with the continual growth of our lending footprint. The addition of California extends our reach to 44 states, making BlockFi the most widely available crypto-to-USD lending service in the U.S.

BlockFi’s goal from the beginning has been to bring affordable debt products into the crypto-ecosystem. As a result, we offer the most competitive rates in the U.S. market and will expand to other markets soon. With interest rates ranging from 10-13.5%, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to leverage their cryptoassets without having to sell or miss out on the future upside value of their cryptocurrency investments.
In the near future, BlockFi plans to grow our debt and lending services into additional products and geographies. In the near-term, BlockFi will support more cryptoassets as collateral and offer new credit products, such as crypto-backed credit cards. We believe that the future of the blockchain ecosystem relies on expanding everyday usability and providing financial products that the average person can understand.

BlockFi now has the largest lending footprint, most affordable rates, and is the only institutionally backed lender in the industry. As we continue to grow our business, we’re working to integrate our services with other leading projects in order to continue to bridge the blockchain and traditional finance ecosystems.

If you’re interested in working with BlockFi or have any questions about our services, please contact our team at We love hearing from you.

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-- The BlockFi Team



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